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SATURNINO JUNGLE EXPEDITIONS It gives you the opportunity to know the exotic and biodiverse world of the Peruvian south jungle practicing a responsable tourism and ecologic one, in which the contact with flora, fauna and the cultural interchange with the native communities is permanent and the experiences are unforgettable and completely different in all sense.

We offer another way of knowing the jungle - Perú, more economic and a treatment more direct with people, making schedules in an individualized manner and always counting with the participation of our travellers, searching always the best attention and that you obtain of your tripa n unforgettable experience.

We always look for distancing from the traditional tours in the visits to the jungle seeking for new routes, original ones in the unknown heart of the amazonic plain of Puerto Maldonado and we define a way of work that gives it an own face.

Our camping zone is chosen with much care to guarantee a total contact with nature and an absolute exclusivity for each group that for sure we leave for the tours with a máximum of 6 people, which lets us give a personalized service to our tourists (travelers).
We have a range of different lasting and intensity tours to organize and adventure as you wish.

We count with visits to the National Reserve of Tambopata, Parque Nacional Bahuaja - Sonene: Primary jungles, Lake Sandoval, Lake Valencia, native communities, colpas of birds and other species, sailing by the rives Madre de Dios, Tambopata, Río Pariamanu in a typical boat of the zone with overnight in camping.

Expeditions: Fishing of river, night and day walkings, searching and watching of birds, walks around beautiful lakes, camping, walks in canoes, watch loros - guacamayos and visiting local farmings; are some of our activities that you will enjoy in our expeditions .

We count with the recommendation of the touristic guide: "GUIA VIVA" and of the travelers of the world.

We grant advice, assistance, free help , actual, real, clear and with no charge as touristic information for tours, buses, hotels and more.

Communicate with your guide Saturnino and Cleison to organize the trip at your size.

Know Peru, its jungle and its charming with us.

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