Tambopata Expedition


Special Ecological Tour Completed 4 Days


"SPECIAL ECOLOGICAL TOUR COMPLETED: Infierno Native Community, Parrot Lick, Lick mammal, Three Chimbadas Lake.
4 days / 3 nights.

DAY 1.
Arrival to Puerto Maldonado, the biodiversity capital of Peru. Reception at the airport by our dear Saturnino.

Then we headed to the Port of navigation, to board the boat across the river Tambopata, During the journey we immerse ourselves in a natural environment where we will observe on the banks, people with fishing poles.

We appreciate some bird species typical of river banks, as Skimmers, sandpipers, herons Crowned, Jabirus, Falcons, and species of kingfishers, swallows, and flycatchers.

We will pursue to the Quebrada El Gato.

While browsing observe some agricultural fields that exist throughout the river Tambopata.

Stay in the ravine The cat out for a first encounter with the Amazon jungle. A short trek around our family home, where a great variety of tropical trees, birds, insects, butterflies, ecosystems and other animals.

Overnight in a family house native rustica.

In the evening we will have a night excursion by boat to see the alligators, as well as hear the symphony of the jungle from the river. "

DAY 2.
Wake up at 5:30 for a walk up to the parrot clay lick, the parrot clay lick in the morning where the arrival of the sun, attending countless varieties of parrots families: For example Green and Corona Yellow Amazon, Parrots Head Blue, Orange and white belly Cheek; Pericos Cabeza Gris, more. Fascinating natural spectacle of sound and color.

They go down to eat a special clay, essential for metabolism, a truly wonderful spectacle of color and exciting.

Then we continue by walking to reach the lick of mammals, where a minimum of different mammalian species to come down to eat a special clay, essential for metabolism.


Afternoon visit of the Cascades of the Cat, where we enjoy a swim in a "natural Jacuzzi. Optionally try to catch one of the more than 250 species of fish that inhabit the river. "

Overnight in a family house of the waterfall the Cat (QUEBRADA EL GATO)..

DAY 3.
After an early breakfast, an hour's sail down and then we enjoy a walk in 3 1 / 2 km to the lagoon Three Chimbadas, guided by one of our Naturalist Guide Saturnino.

We'll watch exotic plants and insects, butterflies and colorful birds, monkeys and, with luck, perhaps one (s) of large mammals. In the lagoon, we will have a short tour around and see the giant river otters and wildlife on the riverbanks. He'll return to the river for lunch ..

We begin our voyage.

Arrive at HELL native community, where we will be staying in a house of this community.

These communities are nourished space secrets, wisdom and harmonious interaction between man and forest, as part of a whole world called.

Visit by a short trek into HELL This native community, where a great variety of medicinal plants, tropical trees (timber and non-timber), insects and other plant species.

Long can marvel at the sunset on the river, golds, pinks, yellows, greens, in a show that creates a magical atmosphere.

We will have the chance to sleep in a little rustic house in this family.

DAY 4.
Boarding the boat-boat and drive back to Puerto Maldonado.
Transfer to the airport.

o Transfer Airport / Pier (point captaincy)
o Boat, boatman. Local guide practice (Saturnino)
o Food - meals (during the whole tour of detention)
o Drinking water for daily human consumption - during the excursion
o 3 nights camping (on the beach or Indigenous community house.)
o Instrument handmade fishing.

o What is not written in what it includes.

What is needed for the trip:
We recommend you to take:
-Repelent for mosquitoes. (Indispensable)
-sun cream. (Indispensable)
- Lanterns with bateries. (Indispensable)
- Sun glasses. (optional)
--Binoculars (prismáticos) (optional).
- Digital photographic camera (optional)
- long ad short sleeves t-shirts. (Necessary)
- Pants.
- Sandals
- Cap for sun. (Necessary)
- filming camera (optional)

"Saturnino Jungle Expedition" is not responsible for the cancellation of air flight for mechanical reasons, weather, itinerary changes. Our services begin upon arrival at the airport in the city of Puerto Maldonado.

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