Tambopata Expedition


Long Ecological Walk 5 days


"LONG ECOLOGICAL WALK: Native family , Lick parrots, Lake Valencia, Taricaya, Native family Gamitana, Island of the Monkeys"
5 days/4 nights.

1 DAY:
Reception in the International airport Padre Aldámiz in the city of Puerto Maldonado (Capital of the biodiversity of the world.) by our local-guide Saturnino that will accompnay you the whole stay.

Trip by the river Madre de Dios by boat at motor. During the trip we will be able to appreciate some species of typical birds in the river, as Rayadores, Playeritos, Garzas Coronadas, Jabirus, Halcones, and several species of Martín Pescadores, Golondrinas and Atrapamoscas.

We will follow to the native community of Gamitana where a direct family of the native etnia of esse eja lives, that still holds in good part its costumes, myth and ritual behaviours we will make a small living together with them, where we will learn much of what they teach us.
These communities are a plenty space of secrets, knowledge and of an harmonious interaction between man and the jungle. As an integrating part of a whole called world. We will have the opportunity to sleep in a a rustic house of this family.

DAY 2:
Sailing by the river Madre de Dios towards Centro Biológico de Rescate de Animales
" TARICAYA". Biological Center for the Rescue of Animals.

The name of the center "Taricaya" is ought to the Project of protection for the turtles or river or "taricayas". Lunch. Free time having the opportunity to talk with the resident volunteers. Here we will be able to watch different species of animals:
jaguar, varieties of monkeys (monos), tapir, pecarí and some exotic birds as the "trompetero."

Canopy Walk (a hanging bridge that goes up at 42 m of height and 90 m of length for the monitoreo of birds.).

Trekking of 30 minutes in the primary forest up to the Canopy-Walk.
After climbing the first tower of 14 m, we walk over the hanging bridge (Canopy Walk), ascending to a platform of 42 m of height from where to enjoy of a panoramic and extraordinary sight over the jungle. The trees seen from above, the wrapping sound of the jungle beneath our feet, the green that extends up to where the sight reaches; few times we will have the opportunity to enjoy a contact with the forest so extraordinary.

We will sail by the river Madre de Dios, to then go inside during 70 minutes of navegation by a crack - that is a very narrow river up to the very flowing Lake Valencia that in its waters hosts a variety of wáter fauna, species of fishes, for example the Paiche, also the playing pirañas, that are tasting for the human consumption.
In all time you may be full of information, advices, anecdotes, curiosities of the jungle, other topics with the expert guide of the Peruvian jungle of Madre de Saturnino. Night for leaving or watching alligators.

DAY 3:
We will give a waterwalking by the whole extensión of the lake, to then locate in an adecuate place for fishing.

We will become craftfishers, with our tackles of craft fishing (hooks, a small net (optional) we will throw our hooks with good balt, thus we will wait to fish something with which we will have our lunch.. . jjjjjjjj

Return by the crack of this lake towards the river Bajo Madre de Dios with direction or route to a recommended beach to be able to make our tents for camping and prepare our dinner..
Dinner in the same beach.

DAY 4:
Get up very early, truly this early day dedicated to the show and the watching of birds "collping"
We will leave the tents as they are, when returning from the show of birds, we will pick them up. We will sail up river, we will accommodate with the boat in the middle of the river, to wait this activity that the birks make as they are the "loros" in different species.
The collp of loros by the morning with the arrival of the sun, a lot of birds arrive with the families of loros: Amazonas Verde y Corona Amarilla; Loros Cabeza Azul, Mejilla Naranja y Panza Blanca; Pericos Cabeza Gris, to more. Fascinating natural show of noise and color.
Breakfast in the beach, picking up of the tents.
Esta You are invited to take a shower or bath in the freshing river for the high temperature that surrounds the jungle.

Trip of return to the city of Puerto Maldonado and camping at some hours of distance,in a very typical island called ISLA ROLIN.
Possibility of fishing at night.
Dinner in the island and overnight in tents for camping.

DAY 5.
Short walking very early in this island Rolin, we will watch its ecology at the dawn.. On board in the boat -lancha and trip for return to Puerto Maldonado.

Transfer to the airport.

It includes:
" Transfer Airport / Portbridge (Puerto. Capitanía)
" Lancha, lancher. Practical local guide (Saturnino)
" TouristicTicket (entrance to Taricaya.)
" Meals - ( during the whole excursion of interning)
" Daily Drinkable wáter for human consumpltion - during the tour.
" 4 nights in camping (in the beach or house of the indigenists house)
" Instrument for fishing in a craftway.

What is needed for the trip:
We recommend you to take:
-Repelent for mosquitoes. (Indispensable)
-sun cream. (Indispensable)
- Lanterns with bateries. (Indispensable)
- Sun glasses. (optional)
--Binoculars (prismáticos) (optional).
- Digital photographic camera (optional)
- long ad short sleeves t-shirts. (Necessary)
- Pants.
- Sandals
- Cap for sun. (Necessary)
- filming camera (optional)

"Saturnino Jungle Expedition" is not responsible for the cancellation of air flight for mechanical reasons, weather, itinerary changes. Our services begin upon arrival at the airport in the city of Puerto Maldonado.

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