Tambopata Expedition


Expedition Wild 6 days


Expedition Wild: Tambopata Candamo / Lick parrots - Botanical Garden - Infierno Native Community
6 days / 5 nights.

1 DAY 8:00 AM:
Pto.Tambopata starting place, permit and control sail boat at marina del Peru.
8:30. I already have the supplies ready for shipment and documents in order, start immediately, for the journey we see people greeting others with fishing poles on the trail terrain can be observed during the voyage we may see some bird species Typical of the banks of the river, Skimmers, sandpipers, herons Crowned, Jabirus, Falcons, and several species of kingfishers, swallows and flycatchers. If we have a favorable day to about 30 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Also observe packages, fruit on the banks of the river in each native community where we buy some fresh fruits and others. Lunch will be held during the trip. Saturnino tirelessly continue browsing the Tambopata river until we catch the night and begin the installation of our stores or camping and dinner.
On some nights will be given the chance to sleep in a family house of a native community that existed during the course of the river Tambopata.

2 DAY 7:00 AM.
We will continue the expedition and breakfast, we will observe the butterflies on the banks of the river, some birds, we stop about 25 minutes and by midday in the native community "LA TORRE" in its control to register as visitors stop by the area, a brief tour of their small museum of archeology of animals in the region, living with the villagers in the area and others.
A few laps will be the Baltimore native community an area of rocky shores and a more challenging area, there will be some commoner gold mining work already completed in the afternoon we arrive to the second control of the protected area of Tambopata Reserve. Staying on camping and culminate with dinner (from the town of Puerto Maldonado to the Baltimore community will spend several native communities.

3 DAY 6:30 AM.
The dawn of the third day - breakfast, really different from other days before this day trip will leave early, after the first hour of browsing, will last remains of human populations before, while crossing the northern border of the Tambopata National Reserve, completely inhabited by 700,000 hectares. Differences in wildlife abundance will be noted immediately: start to see macaws, storks and cormorants frequently and increase the chances to see capybaras, alligators, ducks and other animals.
During the trip were identified for lunch, to have more contact with nature, always go down this river a little more adventurous and more mystery will have to have about the binoculars, digital camera with good attraction if you have, rolls movies, etc. have always found our way of navigation for the capybaras, caimans, parrots, macaws, monkeys and unusual landscapes they will be more impressive, only you will be complicit in this unforgettable experience.
He camped on a beach (in an area where they always or most times you can see the tapir is a wild cow in the forest) near the largest macaw clay lick in the world, where hundreds of parrots and macaws to 15 species congregate daily. One might expect to see ten to twelve of the following members of the parrot family: Red and Green Macaw, Blue and Yellow, Scarlet Red Front Panza Guinda, Amazon Green and Corona Yellow, Blue-headed parrots, orange and Panza Cheek White, Gray-headed Pericos, Peeled Eye, Blue-winged and Tui, and Pico Lorito Gray. This show continues until you feel endangered parrots, usually in the form of an eagle, and are removed simultaneously in an explosion of color and sound.

At all times you will soak in information, advice, anecdotes, curiosities of the rain, other issues with the knowledgeable expert in the Peruvian jungle of Madre de Dios Saturnino always with his contagious humor and sympathy. During this afternoon if you fancy someone hands it to fish and fish hooks.

4 DAY 5:00 AM.
Be addressed to the parrot clay lick where you begin to unravel the DIA will be arriving families parrot varieties: Red and Green Macaw, Blue and Yellow, Scarlet Red Front Panza Guinda, Amazon Green and Corona Yellow, Blue-headed parrots, Cheek Orange and white belly; Pericos Gray Head, Eye Peeled, Blue-winged and Tui, and Pico Lorito Gray., near the lick will sometimes duck or a predator (tiger, eagle) close with large bullae that give birds.

900am. By midmorning, when the most intense activity of the macaw clay lick over. After breakfast, we will be taking a short hike the trail near the colpa Tigrillo, a trail which exemplifies the typical primary rain forest. However, at this time of day birds and mammals are not as active as early in the morning, will focus on the forest itself, arguing, with the guide, the general ecology of the rainforest.

This forest, which is estimated to have 200 or 300 years, hosts giant Ceiba trees and Ficus stranglers, home to a wide variety of mammals, which could Sighted: marmosets monkeys, puffins and Black Machines and peccaries.
This trail is most often left to see traces of Tigrillo, Puma and Jaguar, although any of these three large cats is difficult to see.

Go back to our camp site where they will prepare lunch, while this occurs if any of you like a swim or bathe in the river to cool the hot temperature around the forest are invited.

After lunch and swim looking for a good place near a lake where we camp for dinner

5 DAY 6:30 AM.
After breakfast, we sail with the flow of the river to enjoy the "El Gato Waterfalls", where we enjoy a swim in a" natural Jacuzzi". Optionally try to catch one of the more than 250 species of fish that inhabit the river.
Preparing lunch.

Our navigation.
Arrive at INFIERNO native community, where we will be staying in a house of this community.

These communities are nourished space secrets, wisdom and harmonious interaction between man and forest, as part of a whole world called.

Visit by a short trek into HELL This native community, where a great variety of medicinal plants, tropical trees (timber and non-timber), insects, and other flora.

Long can marvel at the sunset on the river, golds, pinks, yellows, greens, in a show that creates a magical atmosphere.

We will have the opportunity to sleep in a small rustic house in this family.

6 DAY.
After an early breakfast, boarding in the canoe trip back to Puerto Maldonado.
Transfer to the airport.

o Transfer Hotel / Pier
o Boat, boat driver, local guide practice (Saturnino)
o Ticket tourist gateway to the Tambopata-Candamo (colpa of macaws, parrots and other attractive locations).
o Panoramic view of the macaw clay lick "redskins"
o Food - meals (during the whole tour of detention)
o Drinking water for daily human consumption - during the excursion
o 5 nights in tents (on the beach or family home of the native community.)
o Mosquito nets, mats
o Instrument for Fisheries (optional)

What is needed to travel:
We recommend you bring the following:

-Suntan lotion.
-Flashlight with batteries.
-Binoculars (binoculars) to observe the birds in colpa.
Digital camera. (To get good photographic distance to such colpa macaws, parrots)
Long-sleeve Polos, polos short sleeves.
"Boots of water.
"Bathing suit.
- Camera Camcorder whether they would be better to produce a short movie of your fascinating adventure to the Tambopata - Candamo.

"Saturnino Jungle Expedition" is not responsible for the cancellation of air flight for mechanical reasons, weather, itinerary changes. Our services begin upon arrival at the airport in the city of Puerto Maldonado.

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