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Adventure in the Peruvian Jungle - Touristic Information - Rainforest Tours

The jungle is wild, we m

ust discover it with someone you can trust in!
Saturnino Fabre has all the experience, knower of the river at the right and at the wrong side, inhabitant of its own jungle, the one of Madre de Dios, offers you to go to any part of this amazonic plain,an experimenting tourism, magic, esoteric in the same jungle, to interact with the same nature with people of the zone.









Puerto Maldonado is located at the SouthEast of Peru, near the boarder with Bolivia and Brasil. The region has plentiful virgin jungles and shocking landscapes, where nature has been particularly kind.

It is the region less populated of Peru and the gate of entrance to the most important natural treasures of the country. It is possibly the area most conserved of the Peruvian Amazony due to that its accidented geography and plenty vegetation make difficult its access.

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